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President's Report

Dear PRAL members,

With 2017 well underway, it is my sincere desire that the resolutions, hopes and bright outlooks for a better year have remained intact and can continue to build in the days ahead.  The year 2016 proved to be challenging for so many.  The violence and unrest of the summer opened wounds and exposed deep hurts and fears in our communities, while devastating flood waters washed away many of our homes and cherished memories.  

The circumstances of the past year have understandably caused many of us to put our professional and personal goals aside to deal with the greater, more pressing issues at hand.  

But now is the time to reclaim those goals!

Many of our members participated in study sessions earlier last year to prepare for their national accreditation exam.  It’s time for those folks to return to their course of action and make accreditation a reality.  And there are others out there who have always thought about it.  This is the year to pursue an APR!  There are many PRAL members who can help get you started.

At the same time, we have many in our organization who have expressed great ideas and visions on organizing workshops to benefit our members, producing creative materials that better promote and educate our community about PRAL, and giving back to their community and colleagues through pro-bono work and collaboration.  Now is the time to take action.

I encourage you to kick-start your efforts by attending our regular luncheon meeting on March 21 at Ralph & Kacoo’s Restaurant on Bluebonnet Boulevard to gather new ideas from our guest speaker, and then join us for our annual awards celebration on April 25 at Galatoire’s Bistro at the corner of Acadian and Perkins Road to network and be inspired by leaders in our profession.

Let’s make 2017 a positive, productive year!

Best wishes,

Delia A. Taylor, APR

PRAL Baton Rouge Chapter President

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Recent News


Mark your calendars now -- The PRAL-BR Awards Reception has been rescheduled for TUESDAY, APRIL 25. We are proud to announce this year's award recipients:

Member of the Year: Delia Taylor, APR (Taylor Media Services)

Practitioner of the Year: Ginger Guttner, APR (LSU School of Veterinary Medicine)

Communicator of the Year: Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards

First Circle Award Recipient: Angela Vanveckhoven (Prevent Child Abuse Louisiana)


A meeting invitation with registration and payment links will follow. We look forward to seeing you all there!

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Member Spotlight

Avery J. Davidson

Asst. Director of Information & Public Relations

Louisiana Farm Bureau Federation

9 Years at LFBF

Born and raised in New Iberia, La., I began working at my hometown radio station in May of 1992, KANE AM-1240. After more than 3 years there, I moved to television and took a job at KATC TV-3 in Lafayette, La. as the morning show producer. In 3 years I had worked my way up to reporter and fill-in anchor. 1999, WAFB TV-9 in Baton Rouge, La. offered me a job as Paul Gates’ personal producer. I jumped at the chance to work with a Louisiana broadcasting legend. While at WAFB, I worked my way up to reporter/videographer, weekday reporter and then weekend anchor. In 2008, the Louisiana Farm Bureau Federation offered me a job in its public relations department and I’ve been here ever since.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced in public relations and how did you overcome it?

The Biggest challenge I’ve faced, and still face, is learning to be a public relations professional. After spending most of my professional career in broadcast news, making the transition over to public relations has not been the smoothest for me. Externally, no one may notice, but internally I struggle with sometimes only representing one side. I’m sure it helps me better craft a strategy because I’m thinking about the arguments those who may not be on the side of my brand or company would present. That’s one of the many reasons why I joined PRAL. I want to be surrounded by public relations professionals who really know what they’re doing so I can learn from their examples.


What is your guilty pleasure (TV show, sweet treat, etc.)?

Oreo cookies… One row a night… From a “family size” pack… With a glass of milk.


You have $1,000,000 that you must spend on yourself.  What are your first three purchases?

First, I’d pay off my mortgage. Second, I’d buy a Music Man Bongo 6 bass guitar, purple in color. Third, I’d buy a Music Man Majesty guitar, again in purple. 


Your boss gave you a six month all expenses paid vacation.  Where are you going?

Australia, baby!


In a bizarre accident, you’ve been blessed with a super power of your choice?

Mind Control


What’s your most useful skill?

Problem Solving, especially with technology. 


You can be transported backward or forward in time--where are you going and what year?

Forward. 3017, just because I’m curious if much will change in 1000 years.  


What one or more things would you suggest to improve PRAL?

Getting more people involved. My plan is to bring a guest every meeting in the future. 


Your house is on fire—what items do you go back in for?

Assuming our cat made it out ok, photo albums. Everything else is replaceable. 


Favorite part of your job?

Learning. Every day I’m learning something new about a subject or person with which/whom I may not interact otherwise.


If you could learn anything, what would it be?

Quantum physics.


What are your favorite apps?

Facebook, The Advocate, Netflix, and Woot! 


Do you prefer phone, text or email?

Phone. Always phone. The inflection in someone’s voice can clear up the ambiguities left in the written word. Also, I don’t forget to answer my phone. I’ll often forget to reply to an e-mail or text.


Who are your heroes?

Walter Cronkite, Don Hewitt, Stephen Hawking, Steve Harris & John Myung.

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Calendar of Events

#AlternativeFacts: Everything you want need to know about PR and the law

Digital communications have started to blur the line between advertising and public relations.  What mistakes have landed PR firms on the law enforcement radar screen – and what practices are likely to keep you in the clear? Join Lesley Fair, a senior attorney with the Federal Trade Commission, as she visits Baton Rouge to give compliance tips for PR professionals at our monthly membership meeting. She will also talk about deception in social media and times that The Federal Trade Commission has taken action when tweets, blogs, reviews, and the like turn out to be less than truthful. Using examples from campaigns that went astray, Fair will share simple principles to help keep your social media efforts on target.

About Lesley Fair
Lesley Fair is a senior attorney with the Federal Trade Commission’s Bureau of Consumer Protection. After almost 20 years litigating false advertising cases, she now specializes in industry outreach and serves as the FTC’s business blogger, In 2015, she received the FTC’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

Lesley writes a monthly column, Fair Trade,” in Electronic Retailer magazine. In addition, she contributed chapters on FTC law enforcement to Food and Drug Law and Regulation (third edition, 2015) and Social Media and the FDA (2010). From 2000 to 2015, she served as vice-chair of the American Bar Association’s Consumer Protection Committee.

On the faculty of the Catholic University School of Law since 1984, Lesley holds the title of Distinguished Lecturer. She also teaches Consumer Protection Law at The George Washington University Law School. Lesley attended T.C. Williams High School (best known for the movie Remember the Titans), the University of Notre Dame, and the University of Texas School of Law. She clerked for United States District Judge Fred Shannon and served as staff counsel to the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit.

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