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August 2020 President's Report


Typically in August, we’d be talking about final summer vacations, getting kids back to school and starting a new season of PRAL meetings and speakers. But this isn’t a typical year by any stretch of the imagination. Instead, many of us are still figuring out how to effectively work from home, meet virtually and homeschool our kids on top of full-time work schedules. But the good news is that for PRAL, the show can still go on. We can still “meet” even if it is online while wearing pajamas! (#nojudgment) It’s not ideal, but I’m looking forward to a great slate of virtual speakers and guests this fall.

There isn’t much new to report since my last update in July, just that we continue to monitor situations and make decisions about the year ahead. We look forward to hearing from you when we send our annual member survey and using your feedback to guide us moving forward.

I’ll keep this month’s report short and sweet, but please let me know if you have any questions or if PRAL can do anything to support you during these crazy times. No matter what you’re going through right now, know that you are part of an awesome PRAL family who is thinking about you and committed to keeping you engaged in your profession, pandemic or not!

Caroline Isemann
PRAL-BR President

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