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January 2021 President's Report



In Caroline's December President's Report, she reflects on joining PRAL and not having an idea of where the ride would take her. Reading this made me reflect on my expectations of PRAL when I joined the organization five years ago. I also had no idea where the ride would take me, and although leadership was a goal, I didn't expect my ride to become president would be so quick.

When the occasion came to take on the PRAL-BR president’s role, I took from the main lesson of 2020 – pivoting. This past year has provided many of us professional and personal lessons and insight, but most importantly this year has taught us how to pivot and adjust quickly. I have to say, we all did it with style and grace. Although things won’t be back to ‘normal’ on January 1, it is certain that the board and I will continue engaging programs and content, professional opportunities, and provide member value throughout the next year. I am looking forward to serving as president and continue getting to know PRAL members and how PRAL can help you pivot wherever you are on the ride.

I don’t know where the year 2021 will take us, but I am looking forward to the journey.



Glynna Mayers 

PRAL-BR President

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