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November 2020 President's Report


In a year that’s made it sometimes difficult to see the silver linings, here are 6 things I’m thankful for when it comes to PRAL...

  1. Zoom. Without it, I’m not sure how we would have made it professionally through the pandemic, but it’s also allowed us to stay connected to PRAL members and as a board to continue serving our members. Thank YOU for sticking with us through the technology learning process and some of the glitches we’ve experienced. We’re still learning and getting more comfortable with it every day.

  2. Coffee. I know this might go without saying, but coffee has been the official sponsor of my 2020. It’s gotten me through some difficult mornings (and afternoons and evenings … I drink a lot of coffee!) And it’s given me the energy to still dedicate extra time to PRAL in addition to working in healthcare during a global pandemic.

  3. Supportive Colleagues. I love my job, and I work with an incredible team at Woman’s. They have been tremendously supportive of my role with PRAL and my passion for this organization.

  4. Our Meeting Speakers/Presenters. All of our speakers are very busy with their own personal and professional obligations, yet all of them have been willing to work with us as we pivoted formats, changed dates and figured out this whole virtual world. I would put our programming these last few months up against anyone’s, and that is all because of our guest stars.

  5. Our Board of Directors. We have all worked so hard to ensure our members are still getting value from their membership during these crazy times. I am proud to work alongside such a strong group of individuals dedicated to making PRAL the premier organization for communications professionals in the Baton Rouge area.

  6. YOU! Our members are what have kept me going during some very long days (weeks and months) in 2020. I know how much PRAL has impacted my life and my career, and I want all of you to feel the same connection with this organization that I do. Thanks for sticking with us and for allowing me to be your president. It’s been an honor.

Caroline Isemann
PRAL-BR President

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