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February President's Report

This month I’d like to give you that extra encouragement you need to submit your work into this year’s Red Stick Awards. We all work hard, and being recognized and appreciated within your organization is great. But there’s a different level of satisfaction and fulfillment that comes from being recognized by your peers -- those that truly understand the daily grind of being a PR professional. Those who understand the strategy and planning that goes into all communications efforts.

Since I began submitting projects for awards considerations, it’s helped me think more critically and comprehensively about my work on the front end. And, I’ve gotten some wonderful feedback from judges that has helped improve my processes on future projects. Regularly thinking through the four-step PR process and keeping it top of mind has made me a more effective PR professional.

It can be overwhelming if you’ve never submitted something before, so if you have any questions please reach out to any of our board members. If we can’t answer your question, we can at least get you in touch with someone who can. 

Whether or not you win a Red Stick Award, you’ll have the opportunity to make changes and move your submission up through the state and regional levels with more opportunities for feedback and recognition.

I look forward to seeing all of this year’s winning submissions at our awards program on April 17. Hope to see you there!

Caroline Isemann
PRAL-BR President

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