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Free Webinar: How the APR Can Boost Your Career

Do those three little letters after a colleagues’ name really spell success? Is accreditation--and maintenance--worth the time and effort? What’s the ROI on the APR, and does it pencil out? This fast-paced webinar delivers these answers from successful practitioners who give concrete examples of how the APR took their career to the next level, and how it continues to deliver value. After this webinar you’ll be able to:

  • Know specifically how the credential can elevate your career and make you a better practitioner
  • Understand the cost of accreditation and the implications on your salary
  • Know whether the APR is right for you at this point in your career
  • Understand the process and exactly what’s involved in getting and staying accredited
  • Learn how to garner support from the boss to pursue accreditation.
  • Learn how to best encourage your colleagues to pursue accreditation.
  • Learn how to put the APR to use to boost your career and improve your practice.
  • Share why the APR has been in place for fifty years
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