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Changes to WWL Eyewitness Morning News

From 4:30-7 a.m. weekdays, the Eyewitness Morning News will remain intact; viewers will still enjoy on-air favorites like Sally-Ann Roberts, Eric Paulsen, Mike Hoss, Sheba Turk and crew. However, from 7-9 a.m., the morning show, as we know it, will be broadcast on WWL’s sister station, WUPL, to allow CBS This Morning to air on WWL. WUPL Channel 54 can be found on Cox Cable Channel 2 and Charter Cable Channel 16.

While you will need to become accustomed to tuning in to WUPL for your segments, the behind the scenes producers and schedulers we work with regularly will continue as usual to book your music, chefs, events and announcements for the Eyewitness Morning News. The weekend morning show will remain the same.

These WUPL interviews will continue to appear (and live permanently) on WWL’s website here; these are also posted on their Video Page, appearing “above the fold” the day a segment runs. WWL’s website enjoys a significant number of monthly visitors.

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