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Meet the 2020-2021 PRAL Board of Directors

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This year's PRAL-Baton Rouge Board is already working hard to set our organization up for a great year. The below list We're also posting these bios individually on our Facebook page.

Board Officers

President: Caroline Isemann

Caroline Isemann is the PR coordinator for Woman’s Hospital and the president of PRAL Baton Rouge. In addition to all of her work and PRAL duties, she has three energetic children at home—so for Caroline, keeping her mint-colored YETI topped off with coffee is NOT OPTIONAL. 

Her claim to fame is that she can remember the entire lyrics to any song after only hearing it one or two times! But, her favorite lyrics are written by Counting Crows. Caroline is a self-described “super fan” who has seen them in concert at least a dozen times. 

President-Elect: Glynna Mayers

Glynna Mayers is our newest president-elect and Senior Regional Marketing & Business Development Coordinator at Jones Walker. Glynna has excellent taste in naming things: her half jack russell, half chihuahua is affectionately called “Potateaux.” If she could take a quick vacay to the land of fiction, she would like to visit Central Perk coffee shop for a brew with the “Friends.” Her three favorite things about living in Baton Rouge are: Saturdays (and Sundays) during football season, Zydeco and Cajun music, and first-rate margaritas from Superior Grill.

Vice President: Erin Fulbright

Erin Fulbright is our newest PRAL vice president and a recruitment coordinator for the Capital Area CASA Association. Originally from California, it still blows her mind when—rather than panicking—Louisianans throw parties when a hurricane is coming. However, she’s always a popular addition to any such “fais do-do” when she brings her signature Rotel dip. Don’t miss out if you have chance to get some! 

When she’s not enjoying Louisiana’s scenery, history and food, you can usually find her reading. While she can’t pick just one favorite book, she feels that nothing beats a classic Nicholas Sparks novel. 

Secretary: Melissa Cloutet

Please welcome Melissa Cloutet as our newest PRAL secretary/media relations. She has lived in five Louisiana parishes, and she is always struck by how different each one is. When she joined PRAL after moving to Baton Rouge from Thibodaux, and she found it was an excellent place to network and meet new people. “Everyone is so friendly and helpful. We are all like-minded and always share ideas and experiences,” she said. 

Also, Melissa serves as the communications director of the Public Affairs Research Council. One old-fashioned workplace practice she swears by is keeping a paper calendar and a physical notepad of to-do lists. There’s nothing more satisfying than scratching an item off the list! 

Treasurer: Lauren Davidson

Lauren Davidson is PRAL’s treasurer and the account director for Feigley Communications. Her favorite thing about PRAL is our educational programs. “We have had some truly fascinating topics and speakers. And I think being a well-informed communications professional is essential to doing one's job to the best of their ability,” Lauren said.

Her two coolest celebrity encounters were getting to drive Nick Saban’s car and staging a (now-viral) photo of Chris Pratt! A mother of two boys, she is well-versed in Pokémon, lizards, and inflatable pools. 

Immediate Past President: Cheryl Michelet

Cheryl Michelet is PRAL’s immediate past president. She is deeply investing in helping PRAL members to become better storytellers; in fact, her father-in-law is PRAL’s founder and the one who first urged her to become a member. Originally from Denver, she is an avid fan of the Denver Broncos, the LSU Tigers and the New Orleans Saints. 

After a 20-year career in television news, Cheryl now works as the director of communications for BREC. This job is meaningful to her because her grandfather was a park commissioner in Girard, Kansas, and would have loved knowing that his granddaughter works for the largest parks and recreation agency in Louisiana.

Since moving to Louisiana, her favorite things about Baton Rouge are being part of a close-knit community that comes together in times of disaster, the view from the rooftop at Tsunami, and the beautiful green spaces and waterways.

Board At-Large Members

Accreditation: Julie Donald, APR

This year’s Accreditation Chair is the Director of Industrial Accounts at Covalent Logic. Julie Donald, APR, is the same age as “The Boy Who Lived,” therefore, she “lives” for Harry Potter books and teen dramas on TV! At work, you can find her diligently taking notes the old-school way, in her notebook, and following the best workplace advice she ever received—to always be kind. 

Member Engagement: Josie Bonnette

Please welcome Josie Bonnette, our newest member engagement coordinator! Josie joined PRAL in 2018 and loves the professional relationships it has allowed her to build. Currently, she is reading the book Adulting: How to Become a grown-up in 535 Easy(ish) Steps and recommends it to any who are just starting out in the professional world. 

When she is not on the job as a senior communications coordinator for the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank, she enjoys thrift shopping, watching true crime documentaries, retail therapy, and spending time with her eight-year-old Golden Lab, Miles.

SPRF Rep: Ginger Guttner, APR

Ginger Guttner, APR, is this year’s SPRF representative and works as a communications manager for the LSU School of Veterinary Medicine. She is an expert in crisis communications, and the best advice she ever received was, “If you open the paper and see a terrible story about an organization just like yours, and the first thing you think is 'Thank goodness that's not me,' then that's the thing you need to prepare for.” If she could impose one rule at her office, it would be “You're not allowed to complain unless you're also prepared to offer a solution.”

One interesting fact is that Ginger’s father is a helicopter pilot. She used to fly with him to visit relatives across Texas and for years she thought it was a normal mode of travel. She is also a secret pool maverick and played in a league for several years!

Membership: Meredith Conger

Meredith Conger is our 2020-2021 membership manager. When she is not hard at work as a communications specialist for Visit Baton Rouge, you can find her teaching Barre and Pilates classes or reading by the pool—her current favorite book is “Where the Crawdads Sing” by Delia Owens. A fan of both classy music and classy cats, she named her two little guys Elton John and Billy Joel. They say, “Curiosity killed the cat but satisfaction brought it back,” so Meredith hopes to one day solve the mystery of what happened to Amelia Earhart.

Pro Bono: Kelly Zimmerman

Kelly Zimmerman is the Director of Communications and Publications for the Louisiana Department of Health Medicaid Program Office and the PRAL pro bono chair. She is a seasoned expert on crisis communications and (now) coronavirus response and communications. She has a not-so-secret love of Disney movies and if she could visit any fictional place, she would spend time in the Mary Poppins universe. When asked what she would do if she didn’t work in PR, she said, “I've been preparing and training my entire career - every crazy deadline, every perfect plan that falls apart and every crisis - for my dream job of being a greeter at Walt Disney World.”

She spends much of her free time looking after her two kids and two dogs, but no matter how busy her schedule, she will not settle for subpar cuisine. As a Baton Rouge transplant who’s originally from the southshore, Kelly knows she’s got to “take a ride to see her mom an ‘em” for authentic po’boys and snowballs. ;)

Communications (Internal): Connie Boudreaux Silva, APR

Communications Co-Chair of Internal Communications Connie Boudreaux Silva is a content strategist for Gatorworks. However, even if she didn’t work in communications, she would still want to be writing content as a food critic or travel writer. Connie actually started her professional career in France, teaching English and blogging about her experiences abroad. She loves cooking with her husband and talks about it on her cooking blog and Instagram account—@CajsianCooking. ;) She is especially proud of her Cajun heritage and celebrates how every Louisiana parish has its own cuisine, traditions, festivals, and landscapes.

Communications (Social Media): Christine Wendling

Christine Wendling is our new PRAL communications co-chair for social media. She works for LSU’s College of the Coast & Environment as their communications specialist. At work, she is motivated by the passion of her faculty, staff, and students and works hard to “represent their science skillfully so that I don’t let them down."  

A Louisiana native, Christine loves the costumery and comradery of Mardi Gras—her favorite holiday after Halloween—as well as the different Mardi Gras traditions that spring up in the different regions of the state. She is well-versed in anything you ever wanted to know about Batman (and probably some stuff you didn’t). Her favorite part of working in communications is the writing, and if she didn’t work in PR, she would still pursue that passion as an author of books or as a writer for DC Comics. 

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