Acadiana Member Application

Pay your membership dues online.

Students - $25 / Year

Individuals - $85 / Year

Corporate Membership - $85 / Year for 1st Employee

Additional Corporate Membership - $70 / Year for Additional Employees under Existing Corporate Membership

Please complete this form in its entirety to apply for PRAL membership in the Acadiana Chapter. After completing this application, you may pay online using one of the above links or send a check for appropriate dues payment to:

PRAL Acadiana
P.O. Box 53261
Lafayette, LA  70505

This form together with your payment sevies as your complete application. Board members vote to approve applicants on a monthly basis. Your will be notifed by email upon acceptance. Thank you for your interest!

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Estimate the Percent of Time Devoted to One or More of the Following Functions
Percentages should equal 100.

The Acadiana Chapter offers two types of membership. Student Membership is available to full-time student studying at a college or university in the Acadiana area; dues are $25 annually. Professional Membership is available to individuals practicing public relations in the Acadiana area; dues are $85 annually.

  Acadiana - Student Member
  Acadiana - Professional Member

I understand that PRAL dues are paid annually by January 1. After January 31, unpaid membership dues are considered delinquent and a reapplication for membership may be necessary. I understand that my applications will not be considered without accompanying membership payment, which will be refunded promptly should my application not be accepted.

When this application is accepted, I agree to abide by the organization’s by-laws and procedures. I further agree to be personally responsible for all dues and other charges incurred or levied by PRAL in connection with this membership.