New Orleans Member Application

Please complete the electronic form below in its entirety to apply for PRAL membership in the New Orleans Chapter. If you would prefer a hard copy application, click here.

After completing, to submit your accompanying dues payment online, click here. Or mail your check payable to PRAL-New Orleans to:

Claire Cummings
2704 Palmetto St,
Chalmette, LA 70043
Eligibility:  An individual who is of established professional standing in public relations shall be eligible for membership. Interpretation of this requirement shall be vested in the New Orleans Chapter Board, which shall be guided by the nature of the applicant's occupational duties if responsibility for public relations activities is not indicated by the applicant's job title. The board shall be guided by the precepts of the association as stated in the association's constitution and bylaws. Memberships are based on the current calendar year, are on an individual basis and are not transferrable to another individual.

Right and Privileges: Each chapter member, regardless of category, shall enjoy all benefits and participation in PRAL New Orleans, including membership in the state organization, the Public Relations Association of Louisiana and the Southern Public Relations Federation (SPRF). All chapter members shall be entitled to a Certificate of Membership, and each member who has paid current dues shall be eligible to vote and hold office.

This form together with your payment serves as your complete application.

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The New Orleans Chapter offers two types of membership. Professional Membership is available to individuals practicing public relations in the greater New Orleans area; dues are $80 annually. Student Membership is available to full-time student studying at a college or university in the greater New Orleans area; dues are $20 annually. 

  New Orleans - Professional Member
  New Orleans - Student Member
  By check through the mail.
  Online through Event Brite.

I hereby apply for memership in the New Orleans Chapter of the Public Relations Association of Louisiana (PRAL). I do attest to the accuracy of the information contained in this application, pledge to abide by the bylaws of PRAL and give support to its objectives.

I understand that PRAL dues are paid annually by January 1. After January 31, unpaid membership dues are considered delinquent and a reapplication for membership may be necessary. I understand that my applications will not be considered without accompanying membership payment, which will be refunded promptly should my application not be accepted.

I further agree to be personally responsible for all dues and other charges incurred or levied by PRAL in connection with this membership.