Professional Achievement Award

PRAL recognizes the career achievements of its members through an annual state awards program. Each year, PRAL awards a member with the PRAL Professional Achievement Award from nominees submitted at the chapter level. Those recipients then go on to compete in the Southern Public Relations Federation regional awards program with the winner announced at SPRF's annual conference. SPRF established this award to recognize an individual that has continually demonstrated the highest ideals of the profession as well as a commitment to advance the profession of public relations.

To qualify, the nominee should:

  • Be a PRAL member in good standing with the chapter
  • Have practiced in the field of PR for no less than 10 years
  • Have contributed to the success of the chapter, state and/or SPRF for multiple years
  • Have participated in leadership roles in other professional or pre-professional organizations
  • Have participated in PR community service
  • Have realized recognized success in the practice of PR during the individual’s career


2019 Deadline for Chapter Nominations: March 15, 2019.


SPRF Professional Achievement Award Winners (PRAL Recipients)

2017    Tracie Bertaut, APR (PRAL New Orleans)

2015    Holly Houk Cullen, APR (PRAL Baton Rouge)

2010    Susan Broussard, APR (PRAL Central)

2008    Glen Duncan, APR (PRAL Baton Rouge)

2003    Missy LaBorde, APR (PRAL Central)

2002    Delia Adams Taylor, APR (PRAL Baton Rouge)

1993    Bill Michelet, APR, Fellow, PRSA (PRAL Baton Rouge)


PRAL Professional Achievement Award Winners

2018   Ginger Guttner, APR (PRAL Baton Rouge)

2017   Tracie Bertaut, APR (PRAL New Orleans)

2016   Aleis Tusa, APR (PRAL New Orleans)

2015   Holly Houk Cullen, APR (PRAL Baton Rouge)

2014   John Devenney, APR, Fellow, PRSA (PRAL New Orelans)

2013   Amy Nolan, APR (PRAL New Orleans)

2012   Judy Williams, APR, Fellow, PRSA (PRAL Northwest)