PRAL was founded in 1972 by the Baton Rouge chapter and joined the Southern Public Relations Federation in April 1973, represented by William M. Michelet, William H. Moore and Jack H. Sanders.  

A chapter in Alexandria (PRAL Central) was later added. Then in 2010, a group of professionals in Lafayette started the PRAL Acadiana Chapter. With the addition of a third chapter in Louisiana, PRAL leaders began the process of bringing all three chapters together to form a state organization.

Its membership in the Southern Public Relations Federation  requires that a state with three or more chapters must operate under the management of a state board of directors. In 2011, two more chapters were formed in Shreveport (PRAL Northwest) and New Orleans, and PRAL appointed its first state board of directors.

With five Louisiana chapters, the statewide Public Relations Association of Louisiana was incorporated in 2011. In October 2011, SPRF approved the three new chapters and the newly formed state organization.