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This year, PRAL is announcing the Red Stick Awards to honor the top public relations achievements in the Baton Rouge area. Members can show off their best PR efforts and be recognized at PRAL’s Awards Ceremony at 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. April 12, 2019 at the LSU Lod Cook Conference Center at 3848 West Lakeshore Drive, Baton Rouge, LA 70808. Members can enter as many categories as desired, but it is important to follow the steps outlined below and any specifics given for the selected categories in the Call for Entries to ensure each entry is properly submitted.

The Red Stick Awards competition is open to current PRAL Baton Rouge members, including students, honorary members and retirees. Entries must be the primary intellectual property of the member and the member’s specific role in the project should be clearly state in the project profile.

Entries must have been implemented during the period of Jan. 1, 2018 and Dec. 31, 2018. Research, planning and evaluation of the project may pre-date or extend beyond this time period, but the “bulk” of the implementation should have occurred during the 2018 window.

Entry fees are $30 per entry for members and $15 per entry for students, retirees and honorary members. Make checks payable to PRAL or go to to pay via PayPal. Entry fees will not be billed refunded. All entries received without accompanying fees (or receipt of PayPal payment) will not eligible for judging.

Entries must be electronically submitted prior to 5 p.m. March 1, 2019. All materials must be submitted via an online entry portal; printed and/or copied entries will not be accepted. The primary information for the entries should be done in a Word document and include the following, with each section NOT TO EXCEED 500 words:

  • Description of Research – summarize the situation and/or provide information gathered through formal and informal research methods. Provide the judges with background information about your organization/client and the impetus for the project.
  • Description of Planning – discuss the overall strategy and identify goals, objectives, key publics and budget. How were the objectives specific, measurable and audience-specific? If this was a pro bono project, give a value for hours donated.
  • Description of Implementation – describe your work and discuss the tactics used to achieve the stated objectives. Include timeline and budget information. Demonstrate how your efforts were creative, exemplary or otherwise worthy of recognition.
  • Description of Evaluation – identify methods used to evaluate the success of the project during and after. Did the project achieve its objectives? If the project had limitations, how were they overcome? Did the project stay within its timeline and budget?

Attached supporting material, including creative material, printed or published pieces, photographs, presentations, and videos should be included and properly identified. All entry files must be included in a single Zip File and uploaded via the outline entry portal. Videos and large files can be submitted with links.

2019 PRAL Red Stick Award Categories

  • Public Relations Campaign
    • primary implementation of the campaign must have occurred in 2018.
    • entries will be heavily judged on four-part PR process, including research, planning, implementation and evaluation.
    • NEW Categories: This year we will be dividing the Public Relations Campaign entries into Short Term (under 3 months) or Long Term (over 3 months) categories. 
  • Press Releases
    • entries should be supported by “placements” that target key audiences, including news coverage, re-prints and responses
  • Newsletters – print or electronic – must have a frequency of at least two times per year
  • Blogs – entries can be a singular post or series
    • entries should include an explanation of the Blogs purpose and goal of messaging
  • One Time Publication or Special Event
    • entries should include information on goals/objectives, anticipated activity with the site and response. Data analytics should be provided.
  • Collateral Material
  • Digital
  • Social Media Communication
    • entries may include the use of one or more social media platforms to convey a message/purpose.  Possible platforms may include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram or another choice.
    • important to justify the chosen platform(s), how the message was implemented and its effectiveness.  Data analytics should be provided.
  • Video/Audio Productions – entries can be a singular project or series and may include productions for traditional broadcast, social media and/or Vlogs.
  • Lagniappe – this category offers entrants the opportunity to display a project of noted creativity and/or innovation.  It may be a spontaneous response/implementation and may not include the four PR elements.


Upload entries here. All entries should be labeled correctly and clearly. DOn't forget to mail a check or pay below for all entries.


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