About the Public Relations Association of Louisiana (PRAL)

Welcome to the Public Relations Association of Louisiana (PRAL). Our statewide membership consists of nearly 300 public relations students and professionals who work at all levels in many industries, from small businesses and major corporations to government agencies, educational institutions, nonprofits and public relations firms.

PRAL is an affiliate of the Southern Public Relations Federation (SPRF), a 501(c)(6) not-for-profit, tax-exempt,commercially oriented business league, and consists of a network of public relations professionals from Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, and North Florida. SPRF is led by a volunteer board of directors and is considered the premier professional development organization for public relations practitioners in the Gulf South region. Practitioners who are members of one of the SPRF-affiliated local chapters are automatically members of SPRF. SPRF sponsors several yearly projects and programs through its four member states, one being the prestigious Lantern Awards Program recognizing excellence in the field of public relations.

SPRF is a member of the Universal Accreditation Board (UAB), the national body that administers the Accreditation in Public Relations (APR) professional designation. The purpose of accreditation is to unify and advance the profession by identifying those who have demonstrated broad knowledge, experience, and professional judgment in the field of public relations. The designation Accredited in Public Relations (APR) signifies a high professional level of experience and competence.   

Here's what PRAL membership can offer you:

  • Stay Connected and on Top of the Local PR Scene with monthly meetings and networking gathierings through local membership in one five member chapters throughout the state. Learn about new job openings and career opportunities throughout Louisiana.

  • Hone Your Skills with high-quality, affordable professional development workshops, seminars and webinars offered through PRAL as well as the regional SPRF conference featuring some of the nation's top public relations professionals.
  • Get Recognized for Your Work through participation in annual awards programs including the Professional Achievement Award, Educator of the Year Award, the SPRF Hall of Fame, Lantern Awards Program, Senior Practioner Designation and PRAL state Student Scholarships.
  • Become Accredited in Public Relations! As an affiliate of SPRF, which belongs to the Universal Accreditation Board, PRAL members are able to earn and maintain their APR status. 
  • Showcase Your Professionalism! PRAL provides its members with a Public Relations Code of Ethics as a standard for the ethical practice of public relations.