Board of Directors

PRAL is managed by a volunteer board of directors with representatives from each of the five member chapters. The board meets quarterly to plan activities and give strategic direction to the organization based on member feedback. From the board, five representatives also sit on the Southern Public Relations Federation board.

Interested in future board service? Please let us know. We are always looking for future leaders!

2019 PRAL State Board of Directors

*President - Kelli West (Central)
*Immediate Past President – Emily Schmidt Liuzza, APR (New Orleans)
*VP of Programs & Chapter Services – Sarah Clancy, APR (Central)
VP of Awards & Student Services, PRAL Northwest Chapter President – Karen Wissing (Northwest)
*VP of Membership – Ginger Guttner, APR (Baton Rouge)
VP of Communications – Beth Chiasson (Acadiana)
VP of Accreditation, President-Elect – Gretchen Hirt Gendron, APR (New Orleans)
Secretary – Christine Rigamer, APR (New Orleans)
*Treasurer – Micah Walker (Central)

At-Large Members

Marisa Collins – PRAL Acadiana Chapter President
Christine Payton - PRAL Acadiana Chapter Rep
Cheryl Michelet – PRAL Baton Rouge Chapter President (July 2018 through June 2019)
Caroline Isemann – PRAL Baton Rouge Chapter President (July 2019 through June 2020)
Kelly Zimmerman - PRAL Baton Rouge Chapter Rep
Anna Corin Koehl, APR - PRAL New Orleans Chapter President
Katie Bursley - PRAL Northwest Chapter President
Sara Patronella - PRAL Northwest Chapter Rep

*SPRF delegate