ARTICLE I: Rules of Order

Section 1. The Rules contained in Roberts Rules of Order shall govern the deliberations of the Chapters, the PRAL State Association and the Board of Directors in all cases in which they are applicable and not in conflict with the Constitution and Bylaws of PRAL.


ARTICLE II:Duties of Officers

Amended 2014

Section 1. The President shall preside at all meetings of the Board and all meetings of PRAL and, with the Treasurer, shall sign as legal representatives of PRAL, all documents approved by the Board. In the absence of the President, the President-elect or a Vice President designated by the President shall preside at meetings of the Association. The President serves as a Board Member for the Southern Public Relations Federation, appoints Ad Hoc committees and the Nominating Committee, with board approval, and provides the state’s vision for the year.

Section 2. The President-Elect consults with the President regarding presentations to the Board, questions of policy, and matters requiring continuing or future action. The President-Elect may be assigned oversight of specific board functions, activities, programs and other efforts to assist the President as needed. The President-Elect may make official appearances and presentations on behalf of the organization in place of the President. The President-Elect works throughout the year to plan activities for the following year. The following year, the President-Elect serves as President. . The President serves as a Board Member for the Southern Public Relations Federation. If the Vice President of Accreditation position is not filled, the President-Elect will perform those duties until the officer is elected. If the President-Elect is not accredited, then an accredited member of the board may be appointed to fulfill this duty.

Section 3. The Secretary keeps official records of PRAL, including recording minutes and maintaining a roster of the Board Members; handles any required correspondence and is the keeper of the official PRAL stationery, logos and documents. The Secretary manages business-meeting arrangements for the Board. He/she also prepares and distributes the Officer nominee ballot for membership vote.  If the Vice President of Communication position is not filled, the Secretary will perform those duties until the officer is elected.

Section 4. The Treasurer shall be the custodian of PRAL’s funds, prepare and maintain the annual budget and schedules an annual accounting review and prepares yearly IRS Tax documents. The Treasurer maintains and reports financial statements to the Board in a standard accounting format. The Treasurer processes dues, in cooperation with the VP Membership, for annual membership renewals and new member recruitment. The treasurer handles the PRAL checking account and handles all income and expense payments. The treasurer may be a member of the accounting profession who is not a public relations practitioner.

Section 5. The Vice President of Programs and Chapter Services is responsible for all special program development and continuing education of PRAL and serves as a liaison between the conference committee and the state board. The Vice President of Programs and Chapter Services Coordinates one state-wide conference/workshop, provides resources for chapter board development, and serves as a liaison with the chapter presidents.

Section 6. The Vice President of Membership coordinates all membership activities of PRAL including the uniform application of membership criteria and the State Board approval and recognition of all new members. He/she interfaces with the SPRF VP Membership and assists with the SPRF database updates and availability of members’ contact information. The VP Membership provides consultation and support for chapter membership vice presidents in the areas of member recruitment, approval and retention. The VP Membership ensures current members are invoiced annually for PRAL membership dues in cooperation with chapter membership vice presidents and the state Treasurer.  If the Vice President of Students position is not filled, the VP of Membership will perform those duties until the officer is elected.

Section 7. The Vice President of Awards and Student Services is responsible for all special awards projects of PRAL including administration of the Professional Achievement Award and Educator of the Year awards. The Vice President of Awards and Student Services coordinates a student focused webinar in the spring, coordinates the mentoring program for students, and coordinates the statewide scholarship program


Section 8. The Vice President of Accreditation is responsible for encouraging and supporting the Accredited in Public Relations (APR) Examination administered by the Universal Accreditation Board. This person must be an accredited public relations practitioner. He/She is the liaison between PRAL and the SPRF Accreditation Representative and is responsible for communicating Accreditation information to chapters and for assisting chapters as needed in recruiting and mentoring candidates through the Accreditation process. The Vice President of Accreditation recognizes current and new APR’s during APR month, serves as a resource for candidates and tracks candidate progress, coordinates Readiness Reviews for candidates throughout the state as needed, and works with the Society for Human Resource Managers (SHRM) to increase understanding of Accreditation with employers.


Section 9. The Vice President of Communication is responsible for any publicity required by the state organization. The VP of Communication is responsible for PRAL corporate identity and graphics standards, serves as the resource for style guidelines and uses of the official PRAL logo, and provides digital and/or camera-ready copies of the official PRAL logo to local chapters upon request. The Vice President of Communication maintains and updates state PRAL Facebook page and LinkedIn group, coordinates changes to the state website, and distributes information to the state board and chapter leadership as needed. 

Section 11. Officers and Board members are expected to attend all meetings of the Board of Directors. If unable to attend, the board member should notify the President or Secretary in advance of the scheduled meeting. Two consecutive unexcused absences from in-state Board meetings shall constitute grounds for dismissal from office at the discretion of the Board of Directors. Chapter presidents who cannot attend a state board meeting should send a representative from their chapter.

Section 12. Members-at-Large may be asked to serve on the board each year at the discretion of the Nominating Committee with no more than four members serving at one time in any one calendar year. The members-at-large are non-voting board members.

Section 13. Representatives to the Southern Public Relations Federation Board are expected to attend all meetings or conference calls of the Board of Directors as scheduled by the President. Representatives are responsible for attending Southern Public Relations Federation Board Meetings and to provide news and progress to the state PRAL Board. Representative may be asked to serve as a committee chair or officer on the Southern Public Relations Federation Board as appointed/elected

ARTICLE III: Committees

Section 1. The President, with the approval of the Board, 60 days before the election of officers, will appoint a nominating committee.

Section 2. The Vice Presidents will appoint their respective standing committees after election.

Section 3. The President shall appoint such special and temporary committees as he/she deems necessary.

Section 4. All committees shall report at the annual meeting of PRAL or as specified by the President.

ARTICLE IV: Membership

Section 1. Membership in the Public Relations Association of Louisiana requires membership in good standing in a local chapter.

ARTICLE V: Meetings

Section 1. There shall be at least one annual meeting in person as well as quarterly conference call meetings of the Board.

ARTICLE VI: Elections and Vacancies

Section 1. Procedure for conduct of a written ballot for officers and directors shall be as follows:

A. The Nominating Committee, after soliciting suggestions for officers, shall nominate a candidate for President. The Presidential nominee shall confer with the Nominating Committee about the remaining officers and a maximum of four members-at-large. The presidential nominee shall have final determination as to who shall be proposed for election. The work of the nominating committee shall be complete by September 30. The board shall vote on the slate of officers by October 31.

B. The Secretary shall submit the slate in ballot form to each qualified member by November 30. Members may add or delete any names for office on this ballot and return to the Secretary at least 15 days prior to the annual business meeting. Ballots not returned will indicate a vote in favor of the slate as submitted. A simple majority of returned and not-returned ballots are required for approval of the slate.

C. Officers shall be installed by January 31 and shall serve until successors are duly elected and installed.

Section 2. Vacancies occurring among the officers of PRAL shall be filled for the unexpired portion of that term by the Board of Directors.

ARTICLEVII: Official Roster

Section 1. An official membership directory of PRAL shall be maintained and made available to the membership by the Vice President of Membership in either printed or electronic formats.

ARTICLE VIII: Fiscal and Administrative Year
Amended 2001

Section 1. The fiscal year shall be from January 1 to December 31.

ARTICLE IX: Area Chapters and Dues

Section 1. Area chapters, including student chapters, duly chartered by the Board, shall be designated in accordance.

Section 2. New area chapters shall be structured along the same organizational lines as the state organization, shall adhere to the PRAL Constitution, and shall adopt operating procedures in keeping with those of PRAL. Charter chapters (Baton Rouge, Central Louisiana, Acadiana, Northwest and New Orleans) are grandfathered into this section of the by-laws.

Section 3. An area chapter may engage in any activity sanctioned by its board of directors, so long as the activity does not in any way obligate PRAL financially or otherwise, nor does the activity cause harm or create difficulty for the state organization.

Section 4. Area chapters shall pay $10 per active member for membership in the state association. The state association shall invoice chapters annually in December, beginning in 2011.

Associate members may work with the VP of Membership and Treasurer to pay the state chapter fee directly to the state organization.

Section 5. The Board has the right to revoke an area chapter’s charter if due cause is determined, and after the chapter has the opportunity for a fair hearing.

Section 6. Renewal or reinstatement of membership may be denied to members not in good standing with state or local PRAL chapters.

ARTICLE X: Amendments

Section 1. The Bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the Board.

First Revision – December 16, 2014