Practitioner of the Year Award

The PRAL’s Practitioner of the Year Award was created to recognize and honor public relations professionals who have distinguished themselves through the past year.

Criteria for nomination and selection are as follows:

  • The nominee should live and work within the state of Louisiana
  • The nominee should have demonstrated professionalism and integrity in his/her work in the public relations field, either through recognition by awards, academic achievements, and community or civic involvement
  • The nominee has demonstrated those skills, actions or achievements that are deserving of such special recognition during the current calendar year
  • The nominee may or may not be a member of PRAL

Prior Recipients

 2019  Caroline Isemann, APR
 2018  Sadie Wilks, APR
 2017  Cheryl Michelet
 2016  Ginger Guttner, APR
 2015  Mary-Patricia Wray
 2014  Trey Williams
 2013  Catherine Harrell
 2012  Mary Beth Chevalier, APR
 2011  Jesse Hoggard, APR
 2010  Bob Johannessen
 2009  Casey Rayborn Hicks
 2008  Robin Mayhall, APR
 2007  Glen Duncan, APR
 2006  Stephen Loy, APR
 2005  Holly Houk Cullen, APR
 2004  Angela deGravelles
 2003  Tia Edwards
 2002  Marc Goldstein
 2001  Rafael Bermudez
 2000  Jan R. Breen
 1999  Gloria Berthelot
 1998  Carl Stages
 1997  Rachel Emanuel, Ph.D.
 1996  J. H. Martin
 1995  Jerel Giarrusso, APR and Kandi O. Bridges
 1994  John S. Hightower, APR
 1993  Carol B. Coltharp*
 1992  Everett Powers
 1991  Karla Swacker, APR
 1990  Renee Smith-Tadie, APR
 1989  Dan Borné
 1988  Tom Joffrion, APR*
 1987  Lucy McQueen Priddy
 1986  Sally Kuzenski, APR*
 1985  Bill Michelet, APR*

* Deceased