PRAL Baton Rouge Committees

Accreditation Committee

The accreditation committee assists chapter members in becoming accredited in public relations and recruits accredited members to sit on Readiness Review panels.

Chair: Julie Donald, APR

Members: Ginger Guttner, Caroline Isemann

Membership Committee

The membership committee actively pursues and recruits new members, maintains the association's membership database, and coordinates the application process for those applying to become new members.

Chair: Lexi Verret

Members: Chelsea Borruano, Julie Donald

Communications Committee

Develops story ideas, writes, and disseminates "PRALines"—PRAL's e-newsletter. Develops and disseminates press releases and other PR materials to promote PRAL. 

Co-Chairs: Lauren Davidson and Hailey Johnson

Members: Erin Fulbright

Pro Bono Committee

Develops public relations planning, programming, and assistance free-of-charge for nonprofits and other charitable causes/organizations. Contact the committee chair to participate or to recommend an organization to receive public relations assistance.

Chair: Kelly Zimmerman

Members: Chelsea Borruano, Julie Donald

Programs Committee

Assesses programming desires of membership, selects monthly membership meeting speakers/topics, and arranges for speaker transportation, lodging, honoraria, etc. Makes arrangements with luncheon vendor's catering manager to confirm expected monthly meeting attendance numbers prior to event or luncheon meeting.

Chair: Glynna Mayers

Members: Erin Fulbright, Kelly Zimmerman, Avery Davidson

Professional Awards Committee

Coordinates PRAL's annual professional achievement recognition awards—First Circle Award, Communicator of the Year Award, Practitioner of the Year Award, Member of the Year Award and SPRF Professional Achievement Award.

Chair: Cheryl Michelet

Members: Erin Fulbright, Caroline Isemann, Glynna Mayers

Young Professionals Committee

Engages with young public relations and communications professionals and provides them with the tools and leadership to be more effective PR advocates.

Chair: Hailey Johnson

Members: Lexi Verret, Glynna Mayers