First Circle Award

PRAL annually honors a professional with an effective and successful career in public relations. The First Circle Award is the most prestigious honor PRAL can bestow upon one of its members.

The criteria for nomination and selection are as follows:

  • Must have a minimum of five years as a PRAL or PRSA member;
  • Must have a minimum of fifteen years in public relations or a related field;
  • Must be recognized for high standards of professional and personal integrity; and
  • Must show service to the profession through public service, volunteer work, and/or work with students, interns and young professionals.

Prior Recipients

 2019  Kelly Zimmerman
 2018  Stafford Wood, APR
 Jinx Broussard, APR
 2016  Angela Vanveckhoven 
 2015  Annette Droddy
 2014  Kristine Calongne Sanders
 2013  Glen Duncan, APR
 2012  Sadie Wilks, APR
 2011  John Deveney, APR, ABC, Fellow PRSA
 2010  Kristi Williams, APR
 2009  Delia Adams Taylor, APR
 2008  Holly Houk Cullen, APR
 2007  Rafael Bermudez
 2006  Julie Madere McLin
 2005  Lisa Froman
 2004  Bob Johannessen
 2003  Dudley Lehew, APR
 2002  Susan Hunt, APR
 2001  Rachel Emanuel, Ph.D.
 Marc Goldstein
 2000  Mike Bourgeois
 1999  Lane Barry
 1998  Jan Breen
 1997  Angela deGravelles
 1996  Karla Swacker
 1995  Elsie S. Hebert, Ph.D.*
 Perry Brandao*
 1994  Carol B. Coltharp*
 1993  Lucy Priddy*
 1992  Gwen Bach Stewart, APR*
 Renee Smith-Tadie, APR
 1991  John Butler, Ph.D., PRSA Fellow
 Jacqueline G. Bourgeois
 1990  John Hightower, APR
 1989  Sally Kuzenski, APR*
 1988  William H. Moore, Sr.*
 Roland E. Daigre, Jr.*
 Jack H. Sanders*
 1987  Roland Carson
 1986  J. H. Martin
 Bill Bailey*
 Bill Michelet, APR*